Company History

1985 - Doris Roden starts Insty-Prints at 301 Main Ave. She has one full time employee and one part time employee besides herself. First day of business generates $26.48.

1986 - Jim Roden retires from the SDSU Physical Plant and joins Doris at the shop.

1988 - Angie joins the crew!
1995 - Celebrating 10 years in business! Huge remodel and expansion of the store. Awarded the Sales Growth award from Insty-Prints, Inc.

2000 - David and Angie buy the business from Jim and Doris. Awarded Sales Excellence and Eagle Club award from Insty-Prints, Inc. Doris awarded the Margie Greenwood Award which is awarded to outstanding businesswomen in the Insty-Prints family.

2001 - Allegra Network purchases the Insty-Prints franchise. Awarded Sales Excellence, the Eagle award, and a trip to Cancun from Insty- Prints, Inc.

2003 - Insty-Prints awarded the Bronze Star, the Operational Excellence award and a trip to Naples, FA at national Insty-Prints convention.

2004 - FootPrint Fund is announced. Non-profit organizations are awarded $5000 in free printing. Awarded Operational Excellence award.

2005 - Awarded Operational Excellence award from Allegra Network. 2006 - Insty-Prints launches Apple Pie in July and it becomes a HUGE

success. Awarded Operational Excellence award from Allegra Network.

2007 - Awarded Operational Excellence Award, the Silver Star and a trip to Heidelberg, Germany from the Allegra Network.

2008 - Rebranded to Allegra Print & Imaging and another huge remodel - including tearing out concrete walls, new electric and plumbing, ceiling and new flooring and wall covering.


2010 - 25th Anniversary! Allegra Print & Imaging now occupies 301 Main Ave. to the alley and has six full time employees.

2010 - Jami joined the team!





Allegra opened for business July 1st 1985 as Brookings first quick printers. Our founder, Doris Roden saw the need for quicker turnaround times on printing in the Brookings market. After many months of interviewing potential franchisors to help her on her journey she opened our doors as Insty-Prints of Brookings. In 1986 her husband Jim also joined the center to work in production.

Our initial startup in 1985 was very successful. At the time we held the record for quickest growth for a new center in the franchise. Within a year we added a 2nd press and some additional copying services. In 1987 we expanded into another room in the building. By 1992 we expanded our center to the entire main floor of the building. In 1996 Doris & Jim Roden bought the location from Orville Duff and expanded to include the lower level as a production area. 

David Roden started with Insty-Prints in the summer of 1985 helping with the initial remodeling before opening that July. Angie Roden started working at the center in March of 1988 prior to marrying David in August of that year. 

July 1st 2000 David and Angie bought Insty-Prints from his parents and continued to grow. By 2003 they had expanded again. This time into the building on the west end we still refer to as "Duff's Tire Shop".

Throughout our years we have reinvested in technology to keep developing solutions for our customers. In 2008 we made a decision to update our franchise with a name change to Allegra to perhaps change our image from a quick printer to a commercial printing center. All of Insty-Prints services in addition to providing more marketing and full color solutions to our business. Allegra is a derivation of "allegro," which is a musical term that means pick up the tempo and make livelier. In Spanish it means to please, make happy or brighten. The Allegra name reflects the highly responsive way we provide service to our customers.


Our corner location on 3rd & Main is perhaps more famous that you realize. The location is where the land office used to be where Pa Ingalls slept to get the deed to the now famous Little House on the Prairie land near De Smet.